…We create the stream by paddling in it…

Our world now seems to be made of particles and waves, depending upon how we look at it in any moment, but given the increase in the rate of change, waves are where to place our bets and attention for the future.

If we see the world as waves in flux, actions rather than things, then we are more able to act within it. We do not control but we do touch.

Then Buber’s Thou is seen as verb in action: no It that is defined once for all and acted upon; rather one to meet who can also meet us, and we become not Its, but Thous acting upon and enacting the world.

What we are after is to make sense of the world, so that we might make sense of our role and our desire to make the world better, so that we do make the world better.

We create the stream by paddling in it.

:- Doug.

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