There is something going on:

There is something going on. Others have noted it. It is evident in the many methods of meeting being developed (OST, TWC, Future Search, et al.), in the websites ( and books (Wheatley, Turning to One Another, Block, Community) calling for conversation.

There is of course the opposite pull—people screaming at each other at “town hall meetings” and terrorists throwing bombs because they are not getting their way—but I think even those have an element of people not being heard, and that that is somehow at the root of it. There is of course the factor that some people enjoy being contrarians, and violent ones at that, and there are some people who do not want to be part of the community. But those are aberrations which are statistically small, even if the damage they cause is significant. But we cannot build a living breathing world around the concept that some people will hold their breaths until they get their way. We need to proceed for the 99.9% who will live and breathe normally.

What this says is that our work is to remind us of us. There are these aspects of us: 1. Together: we have gone so far in the direction of leaders and rugged individuals that we have forgotten that we are social beings. We can benefit from consciously bringing to mind that we do most things together. 2. Others: have essentials to add. Diversity gives us a richness of lookout points on the world, and experiences of what works, and ideas of what might work. 3. Doing: we can expand our possibilities by seeing that we have the ability to do things, and we do not have to wait on someone else to do for us—whether that be the government or the corporation or the leader. 4. Divinity: the human divine connection is present and we have some larger things in us as well as our defects. We can do bigger things.

The key here is together.

There is a movement across the face of the whole earth. It is fed by cheap, fast, ubiquitous communications, such as the Internet and cell phones. What it communicates is these things: the likenesses of all peoples, particularly in what we encourage and discourage; that we can affect what happens, especially together.

This is what’s going on: people are seeing with their hearts and their minds. Your work is part of this. Remind us of us.

Dimensions of us:


:- Doug.

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