There are no big projects

There are no big projects, no things we can do in the world more significant than tending the threads among us. Building a bridge or a congress takes many kisses of spouses and children in the morning, tending of sore limbs and feelings at night, little firings of chemical synapses in the heads of those who thought of these projects and of those who have to work out the details. I say to you, none of these is more important than the other—all are needed. You, you are needed in your world tonight and tomorrow morning. You, you are needed to kiss your spouse and children and tenderly care for their sores. You, you are needed for the “little” things that your circle needs. What you, you have done today matters as much to those around you, more than what the president did with the cabinet. You, you have made the decisive touch and may never know.

:- Doug.

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