The Hospice Holler

The Hospice Holler

This is a story of a Granddaughter trying to get her Grandmother into an nursing home. Grandmother had been in hospice care.

When the caseworker found out they were planning to give all Grandmother had away and enter the nursing home on Medicaid, he started hollerin’. “I spent all day on the paperwork! Now I’ll have to do it all over! It will delay her admission into the nursing home. She might have to go off hospice!”

And of course Granddaughter became anxious: the system seemed to be closing in on her Grandmother for no known reason, imposing unexpected and hidden rules against her.

She was battered and baffled by the Hospice Holler.

So are we all when we meet the challenges of aging. There are physical and medical challenges, social and emotional. We are working on summing up our lives, putting a capstone on our lives, many of us are doing spiritual and meaning work. Our finances change—for some to travel and avocation and callings, and for some to health and finance needs. The work of our eldering years is more complex than we expected!

:- Doug.

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