T1 = Thinking (like a horse or a carpenter: first this then now that)
T2 = Thinking about thinking (like a logician, philosopher, or a school teacher: reflection; what are you thinking about in what order? Are you aware of your thinking? If you change your thinking, what then?)
T3 = Thinking together (like a task group: Hearing, silence, assimilation, emergence, subdividing)
T4 = Thinking about thinking together (like Open Space Technology folks around a Stammtisch table: How are we relating? Could we think about something different? Could we think about the same thing differently? Do we need words? Do we need silence—together? Who else could we invite? …)
T5 = ? Wholeness, all for/in one one for/in all? (What could this look like? What can we invent?)

The movement seems to be from:
Individual → Larger and larger whole
Concrete → Ephemeral, symbolic
Things → Movement

:- Doug.

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