“Systemic” is a cue word that it is too large to tackle:

Systemic: when we have a systemic issue, how do we address it? Yesterday at the meeting I brought up that some of the problems we were seeing were systemic. That is like a cue word to say there is nothing we can do about that—it is too large for us or our current inquiry—so let’s move on to what we can tackle. But if what I am seeing is right, we are the system and we can tackle it. It means we have to work on a different leverage point. The leverage point is the blind spot, the place we do not see: how we see ourselves in (not society but) the holomovement. The meta-movement.

The meta-movement: the movement of moving. There are lots of things moving, but the current of these is what we do not see. We can turn our attention here as much as we can turn it to putting gas in the car. It is harder mental and being-level work. It threatens our self- and societal-concept.

Yet key is the fact that we are creating the current and the swirls and the flows by our very movement. Everybody is, so there are almost 7 billion of us creating our swirls and flows, some larger or stronger than others.

So, do we have any choice in what swirls we make? Can we affect how other people see the world, relate to us? Can we promote love and life, fear and death? Can we choose?

:- Doug.

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