Such is the time/…/always chattering never saying/…

Such is the time
this time where we find ourselves
do we find ourselves?
at any time?
Such is the time
that it allows us to find
more than one person
whom we are among
such is the laughing time
such is the weeping time
Such is the time
for now
even eternal now
Such is our time
is time ever for a sole person?
Such is the time
fleet of foot
a short childhood
even a short adulthood
so soon grey so soon wrinkles
yet idling among us a long noon
Such is the time
do we stretch it
or us
or some other way to?
Such is the time
such are our times
fat and starving
always hearing never heard
always chattering never saying
what’s really in us
that could change our world
Such is the time

:- Doug.

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