So what if we fail?

Just came across this and it has me wondering and it is has me uplifted:

What if we fail? So what if we fail? | Integral Yeshe.

What I really liked was this:

“I no longer know why I’m doing what I’m doing. I really do believe that my efforts are doomed to failure. I won’t succeed in changing even my small part of the world. I truly believe that our civilisation will not change its unsustainable ways before it falls over the cliff. I only know that I am still called to act, to care, to strive, to stand up for what I cannot resist the call to stand up for – and above all, to participate.

“…. I feel much stronger, more grounded and resilient, now that I have accepted the inevitability of what I most fear. I no longer feel I have anything left to defend or protect….

“All I need to do is follow the call, when it comes, from my deepest core which is also my umbilical connection to the Whole….

“…my mantra for this year is “what if it’s easy?” And it usually turns out to be exactly that.”


:- Doug.

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