Sacrifice for and sacrifice of

There is a sacrifice for, and a sacrifice of: sacrifice for the all, the larger; and sacrifice of self. This is the difference between the depersonalizing giving up of self by women of our day to become (if at all existing) less than husband and children and family, and the revolutionizing giving up of self for the world by such as Jesus. It is involving the whole being that makes this larger sacrifice. The emphasis is on whole. Investing the whole being makes it holy. Strong sacrifice is not giving up of the self, rather self engagement. Not self divesting but investing of self.

It is about investing the whole self into something larger. As I see the setting, women in our day sacrifice in the sense of becoming nobody, rather than becoming larger. It seems to me a difference of direction that looks like the same thing, but going in 180 degrees different direction. Like fear being repulsion and awe being attraction, the little, the weaker sacrifice is negating the soul, while the larger and the stronger sacrifice is expanding the soul.

:- Doug.

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