Plan for the next re-evolutions:

Plan for the next re-evolutions:

We do not need to march. We do not need to make a big display of ourselves in Syntagma Square. We can meet in small groups all over, connect ourselves with technology (even when the government shuts down the Internet, we have the technology to throw together junk to create our own Internet—think FabFi), and make ourselves heard through many channels. The power of the people is just dawning…on the politicos. Look what happens when there is a scandal about a politico: gone in a few days. We can appear, do our meetings, vanish in an instant, coalesce again somewhere else. We can use a different method of communication each time. We can plug into where the decisions are being made all the time…because we are the ones to make the decisions. Can we do better?

:- Doug.

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