Modern emigrants

“Right up to the last minute,”
Joelle said to me
“the soul has work to do”
Weeks later her words
lead me to ask

What if it were more than disease
this Alzheimer’s
& these our tribe’s tired
left behind by our
busy-ness and mad rushing
forgotten by us
and themselves?
Are they wanting to forget,
to go off,
these modern emigrants
freeing themselves
of memory
of what so recently was round?
Is this releasing of living?
What is life when it encumbers?
And are we willing to see
perhaps to carry
their food and bedding,
some of their burden in continuing?

& What if it were more than disease
& these our tribe’s explorers?
What might they discover
learn & teach
these modern Magellans
freed of memory?
What is learning
if released from memories?
What is life?
Traveling unencumbered
by memory
how might they move?
Where go?
Maybe it’s we who
hold them back
with talk of yesterday
and this morning
and 5 minutes ago
& we their Sherpas
carrying their food
bedding & tent
while they attend
their ascents

:- Doug.

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