It is up to us as well

How will we know when it’s time to say goodbye? Because it is up to us as well.

We know it is up to us because we have seen people stay around for a holiday or a grandchild’s wedding, or die just when everyone leaves the room. We know it is up to us because we have seen people say, No Dad don’t die just yet. We have seen people die as if an act in a magic show. We have seen people tearfully let their mother or father go. We have seen gentleness and violence, wishes followed and wishes derailed.

We cannot know much ahead how we will die, and we might not have the energy to express much at the time. So we can prepare by sharing with each other. We can learn what each other thinks, what is in our hearts and predict what each might wish to do. We can reach consensus that they are safe in our arms.

What is important now? Saying Goodbye, saying Please forgive me, I forgive you, Thank you, I love you. Giving safe passage and gentle.

:- Doug.

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