If we look we can see for seven generations

I have been thinking of generations, how as we get older we have the opportunity to see further than ever before in our lives. We can, if we look, see for seven generations: We might be able to remember our great grandmother; and we might be fortunate enough to hold or even play with our great grandchildren. Seven generations that is! What can you see in those seven generations? What is possible for those seven generations after us?

What is possible for those generations? Might they reach the times that the prophet called us to, when we would not have to tell each other “Remember the Lord” but would carry divinity in our hearts? Could we help them reach for those times?

Might they reach the end of the planet or of human civilization? Might there be wars that destroy us? Might there be diseases they cure, new diseases they die from? Might they turn from the tyranny of Dollars and What’s in it for me in time to play with their children and grandchildren? What are we doing, now and in our Wills to turn the course one way or the other?

:- Doug.

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