I once was a child of dreams

I once was a child of dreams
But what dreams
& who was I then?
Dimly, dimly seen
I want to recall my self
And then my own image
disappears into foggy mists

What do you care about?
is the central question
asked of us in these times
We have our hearts encrusted
with daily worries and money

It is the question we fear
for it opens our vulnerability
breaks forever our masks
Mostly we fear
setting loose our power
It is the question we love
& we ask it on meeting every one
We fear it leads to hate
We hope it leads to love
For ill risked and good possible

What do you care about?
Is our all-purpose people-opener
In Will conferences
In negotiations
In work life finding our way
It goes to bedrock

Here is energy & owned truth
& responsibility for creating
It is the only question I will ask

:- Doug.

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