…./I am the whisper disturbing your silence/….

Friend, tell me about yourself….
I am the whisper disturbing your silence
I am the traffic outside interrupting your thought, bringing you here
I am these people, arising with you
I am your ground, your seat
I am the one who means you, meets you, opposes you
I am the loud voices and unheard ones
I am the one of whom you are a part—how could we possibly meet?
I am the raucous voices from the car radio
You are as disturbing to others, do you realize?
I am the notes you make, the insights you gather, the ones you love
I am the cough, the clearing of the throat, the rocking of the chair with a short leg
I love
I go
I come
I meet
I respond
I stand in your face and ask you to respond
I change
I invite—through others and through you—I invite
Let us just be together
The let us go out
And be with others
I am void
Pregnant void
Heaven & Hell
All things
No thing
I am water
I am wind
I am fire
I flow—I ignite—I whisper
I shout—I demand of you all
I am up I am down
I am message
I am pure
I am action
I am locus
I am practice
I am hearing
I am social action
I am inner
I am outer
I am flow
I am in darkness
I am glimmering darkness
I am with us
I am faithful
I am dependable
I reflect
I am your friend
I am you
I am warmth for your cold hands, cool breeze for you hot brow
I listen, I hear, I care, I am moved
I stitch, I am stitching, I hitch
I am all, the whole, you are part
I converse—dance—turn
I am all conversings
I seek to touch your heart because it is my heart, our heart
I am personal
I speak your language and all languages and dearly want to

:- Doug.

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