hubris and truth can use the same words

Are we God? We are divine. John says when we meet face to face we shall see that we are the same. We should not arrogate that position to ourselves. That does not answer the question, for hubris and truth can use the same words. Some of the problem may be our mechanistic habits of thinking, where we see everything constructed of smaller parts: thus we shrink from saying God arises or emerges from humans. But other pictures are possible, some go the opposite direction: the parts derive from the whole. This sounds like Judeo-Christian genesis. So we might see humanity as the whole, the one, God, from which we are holographic shards, fractal. This generates then, as God does humanity, the picture that we together are God. Generated simultaneously together, God and creation? Cannot have one without the other? Other pictures are possible.

:- Doug.

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