How in group work we are concetrating contacts, squeezing out computers grass & oinks

In groups you are forming a larger system—a system of systems. That forces mutual adaptation and emergence of something else as this new system faces outward to its environment.

These systems (people) are forced to adapt to each other and their environment (which is tickled in them as the inviting question). They are turned outward by the inviting question to face their environment and with it react together, interact together, enact together. Little wonder that much innovation “happens” here.

But it does not just happen. It has at least a weak purpose, such as to alleviate an itch or a thorn. It could have a strong purpose, such as to change this aspect of the world. There is intention activated.

So we are bringing systems together to form a larger system to interact with their environmental systems. We are concentrating the experience of contact. Like squeezing an overstuffed sandwich, something is bound to come out. Except that here the things that come out are new, not predictable. We put pickles and ketchup and mustard and tomatoes on, and when we squish we get computers and grass and oinks!

:- Doug.

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