How go deeper with Dad in Alzheimer’s?

How do we get to the deeper with a elder, say in an Alzheimer’s setting? What do they love, what did they love, what would make them more comfortable? Brandy on the gums, a grandchild’s hug, a song to sing, a touch on the hand. Our memory touching theirs, sparking theirs. Our moving into their world, with their world. A conversation about…what is on their heart, without shushing, with a lot of “Say more about that, Dad.” Favorite foods, especially what’s not good for them are what’s really good for them: pork chops with greasy gravy, chocolate, ice cream. A baby doll or a wiggly puppy to hold and care for. Flowering plants to tend, not cut flowers to die too soon (what can those possibly say to one in their setting?). What does love do? Do that.

:- Doug.

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