Groups are in crisis mode

Groups are in crisis mode right now—I went to a group’s meeting this week and the people were trying to decide if it is good to keep going. Despite the awkward way it was handled, we decided to keep going. Or at least some did.

There is indeed a predictable pattern or rhythm to these percussions (as indeed there was at this meeting verbal striking): attendance is down, dues are down, the same people are doing all the work—and getting tired. Do we keep going? Let’s meet and talk specifically about that. Why do you come? What are we about? Let’s poll the members, particularly those who do not come anymore. We hate to let it go. Remember why we started? That is still valid, so let’s keep going. Each one reach one—invite more members, get better speakers and topics. Membership and attendance goes up—until it goes down again and we repeat the cycle.

How do we break out of this cycle? Perhaps we should kill the beast before it kills us. Or let it die with dignity. Or resurrect it in a new and glorious form. Or let it all happen by default.

Is there a more organic, life-giving way?

:- Doug.

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