E motus unum pluribus….

From mineral to vegetable, animal, thought and the more ephemeral experiences of the world’s inhabitants we can find each a part of the plenum. I don’t care if you made it up or it tapped you on the shoulder—it is equally real, equally unfolding, equally part of us. So too these words.

Everything and all are part of this whole. The whole in motion it is that underlies all reality, is the basic stuff. There is no breaking it down. What looks like separate particles are bumps on the field. What is surprising to our accustomed way of thinking is that this whole movement includes the physical and non physical and metaphysical.

Put this all together and you have a world made up of rocks and stories, interplaying with each other, foaming up out of their common foundation that holds them all in continual motion at varying rhythms, conversing.

E motus unum pluribus.

:- Doug.

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