Do I see conversation and cooperation at work?

Where do I see conversation and cooperation at work in my life? The telephone—between lawyers and between businesses and between people getting things done. Coffee shops where people are selling, playing, learning, combining, intercoursing, recruiting, finding one another. Emails and blogs and social networking sites. Apparently even spam emails and pornographic commerce on the Internet. Community organizers inviting. Social entrepreneurs conspiring. Wills and Trusts communicating through the generations: letters to my grandchildren.

Doing the work is not the main focus of life. The main focus is deciding where to go, reaching agreement on what to do, inviting others to help, exciting each other, becoming part of something larger. This we all do, this we do everyday. We look to the future. We look to the past. We tend and console, we do the work of the day, we enjoy talking with one another—not just passing the day but something real is going on as well. We are meeting. We are secreting the special juice of life. In some societies we stand so close as to smell each other’s breath, each other’s life force. In others, we do it with pictures in the mind, stories, songs, games, orders, speeches, videos, memos. All this paper, all this noise, all these bytes are but carriers of the juice of life.

Once we notice that this is true, then do we possess another truth, another good, another power? Does this reach beyond the other, embrace it, hold it? Does it have the power to direct the first? Is fusion more power-releasing than fission?

What then can we say? When we see this truth, to grasp it and use it: do we have responsibility?

In this responsibility can we seek out its joy and its love?

:- Doug.

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