Criticize yourself day

To my good friends–

Let us take a day a month and honestly criticize ourselves. It would be a wonderful cleaning.

:- Doug.

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  1. On December 18, 2005 at 8:37 pm tedernst Said:

    I’m afraid most people I know (myself included) do altogether too much criticizing of self and others. I’d much rather spend one day a month or 5 minutes a day truly feeling my best qualities. That would be a wonderful cleaning for me!

  2. On December 20, 2005 at 8:55 pm doug Said:


    Thanks for your comment.

    I agree that we all spend too much time criticizing ourselves. And I agree that much is to be gained by seeking out our best qualities. I think that needs to be done more than critiquing.

    These are different from what this glimpse sees and is calling our attention to. What is cleansing is to do an honest assessment of our shortcomings, something that we can become aware of, maybe work to correct (or maybe not), but to see ourselves clearly, to realize when we are doing what we are doing, to perhaps even see these things as gifts in some settings.

    For instance, I have a tendency to hyperbole. I called him on the phone 17 times and he never answered me. Ooh! There I did it again. Or, Ted is such a nice person, he has told me 17 good things about myself in our last 3 meetings. Now that’s a nicety.

    So while we all spend a lot of time whining about how That’s just my luck, and I’m such a klutz, some level-best assessment of what shortcomings we possess might give us a more even keel in which to sail the choppy waters of life.

    Yes, Ted?

    :- Doug.

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