Of presidents and prime ministers and you

Conversation done well is about getting people engaged in their world—our world. We think that only prime ministers and presidents can have conversations that count. But if it is important to us, we can have a voice. So conversation is all around; we are immersed in it, yet we need to talk like we never have before—and that means in a way that matters, that counts. Conversation counts when we engage our world, and make it humane. In theological terms, make the world fit for gods. We have never taken seriously the Genesis invitation to be stewards of our earth. We have let things happen; we have left the general direction to presidents and prime ministers, to functionaries and managers. We have never—each and every one of us—take this responsibility. True, some have less ability—the ill, the infirm—but even they help if unconsciously by reminding the rest of us of our possible humanity.

:- Doug.

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