I have seen a couple of things in Buber in the last few days that I had not noticed before. On page 42 of I and Thou he says that this life, this spirit “continually approaches and touches them.” It is active, it continues all the time. On page 51 he says it another way: “The spirit is truly ‘in its own realm’ if it can confront the world that is unlocked to it, give itself to this world, and in its relation save both itself and the world.” It is in the continual confronting that the world becomes unlocked to the Thou. It says that our job is to sigh if we must and then keep approaching, touching, confronting, opening our very being to being approached, touched and confronted. We need to be there, inviting touch.

:- Doug.

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  1. On September 27, 2005 at 7:44 pm christy Said:

    Hi Doug,

    Oh, that part, “our job is to sigh if we must…” rings such a strong chime for me!

    This connects me too to what you said in the comment below, “We are opening ourselves up to the possibility of conversation on the level of being to being, truth to truth. We must, to make good on the opportunity, do what?

    I would suggest as candidates being vulnerable, showing some part of ourselves we usually keep hidden, daring to take the conversation to some place higher. In short, inviting touch, intimacy.”

    Gathering up the willingness to “show some part of myself”, and to continue to invite those I encounter to do so, too, does lead me to sigh sometimes!

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