Clients and lawyers, patients and doctors: growing together

We have this picture of us as lawyers sitting here across the desk from clients, working on them and their static issues and opportunities. Of course we know it is a moving target, but we see ourselves and our clients as static, real objects, having an existence.

What if we saw us as motions coming into view moment to moment? What if we saw target markets as not things but as flowing actions, actions materializing ephemerally in our eyes as players moving across the stage in some Disney-esque hall of prospective clients?

We might adopt a fisher attitude: let’s sit in the stream as the fish swim to their spawning grounds; let’s troll till we find where they are resting or feeding.

We might adopt a friendly attitude: let’s find our companions, see what they need and get to work or simply hear them out, or go where they are and spend some time together, grow together.

Isn’t that what it is about, growing together, in all the ways there might be to understand that phrase?

:- Doug.

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