After we reach maturity

After we reach maturity
we live—why?
To continue growth
which is life
is one possible answer
Corn, once it reaches maturity
gives its produce, then dies, complete
Trees go on for generations
still growing taller, wider
producing flower and seed
Animals are able to produce offspring
and live that long and then some
Humans seem to go on
much longer
Life is growth;
How then is G*d’s growing?
G*d is living we say
it follows then that G*d is growing
We are living
it follows so are we
G*d is growing as
the universe expands
we learn
we grow
we love
we reach out
we embrace
but it is not simply us
all of creation
all of that creating creating
G*d’s heart grows?
G*d is touched,
becomes more
encompasses more
If G*d be the creating
then G*d cannot be omniscient
for how could G*d
both create & know?
What would be the fun?
(& G*d is fun)
Fun is in the moment
so too love
so too creating
And all is growing
the All There Is is growing
meeting conversing
growing growing
And we still don’t know
but we can touch, embrace

:- Doug.

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